Fun things to do in your Belgium trip

Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is famous for Renaissance architecture and medieval towns. Not to forget, it is also known for waffles, chocolates and beer. Remember the Belgium chocolate cake that you had on your bestie’s birthday? Well, these are not enough to be the reasons for visiting Belgium. There’s a lot more to do there!

Thinking of planning a trip to Belgium this year? Listed below are a few fun activities that you must try on your next Vacations to Belgium.

  • Try tasting a lip-smacking waffle or a craft beer

You would certainly never move around with an empty stomach! Although waffle isn’t a healthy breakfast to opt for this morning, how can you skip a waffle when you are in Belgium. A Brussels waffle or a delicious Liège waffle is a must-try when you are in!

Belgium is certainly one of the best places to try out a craft beer. With numerous beer bars, you get a lot of options to pick! Some of them include St. Bernardus Abt 12, Leffe Brownband the Westmalle Tripel.

  • A canal cruise in Bruges or Kayaking in the Ardennes

Bruges, also popular as the Venice of the North, is the home to numerous canals and. Cruising across the canals on a boat is indeed a fun activity. Exploring this city during your vacations in a bicycle and staying there is the best thing you can ever imagine. Therefore, the next time you visit Belgium, do not miss to add it in your bucket list.

If you are in love with adventure, Ardennes is a must go! It is the home to lynx, wild boar and deer amidst the thick forests, a place that is ideal for biking and camping. Kayaking in the Ardennes is yet another irresistible activity to do in Belgium. It would suck away all your boredom and trust me, once you get back to the shore, you would want to go back again!

  • Go to Brussels

Brussels, being the capital of Belgium, is a fantastic place with plenty of sightseeing stations including pubs, restaurants, chapels, museums and mansions. The most popular attractions include the Grand Palace, Mini Europe, Mannekin Pis, Atomium, and Tintin Museum. Also, it comprises of different renowned cafes and shopping arcades.

With so many options and compelling reasons, visiting Belgium would remain incomplete if you don’t go across Brussels.

  • Don’t skip Antwerp

If you are an art lover and value culture and traditions, Antwerp is the place you should plan to visit and must include in your tour and travel packages. It comprises of various modern museums and trendy art galleries – a hub of vintage palaces and architectural wonders, thus, making Belgium a true delight!

Antwerp is known as the diamond district of Belgium and is well known for having great food and beer. The key attractions of this location include Museum aan de Stroom, Plantin Moretus Museum, Antwerp Zoo and Rubenshius.

  • Checking out the Belgium-France border

Tournai, a city, situated at the Belgium-France border is a hub of great art, architectural beauties and sculptures. The most beautiful cathedrals in the world are located there!

Moreover, Belfry, the oldest town in the country, is one of the most alluring places to visit in Belgium and it is also in Tournai. Musee d’Histoire Naturelle et Vivarium and the Folklore Museum are some of the key attractions of this site.

  • Nostalgia of the World Wars

Belgium did suffer a lot during both the World Wars – I and II. It did not only affect the life’s of the people, but at the same time, it laid its impact on the tourist destinations of the country. The Breendonk Fortress is a symbol of the dark periods in European history.

The folkloristic traditions tied to this country includes giant carnival parades and Doudou in Mons. Participating in any of them on your next visit to Belgium is no less than a mandate!

  • Visit the music festival

With so many festivals going on all through the country, how can you miss a music festival out there? There is a festival to watch over there every year, be it pop, techno, folk, rock or jazz. Belgium has always got something or the other to offer you!

  • Check out the Comics Art Museum

Are you fond of Comics? Well, then I am pretty sure that you won’t deny knowing Tintin. But did you ever know that Tintin and the Smurfs were Belgians too? The Comics Art Museum in the Brussels is dedicated to these artists.

  • Visiting the south and climbing up to the highest point of Belgium

Most of the tourists to Belgium usually limit themselves to the north of this country like Brussels and Bruges. I agree, there are a lot of attractions in the north, but the south isn’t a segment to skip anyway! Abbey of Villers-la-Ville in the South is a good deal to check out!

The highest point of Belgium in the province of Liège that’s 694 meters high. Yet, there is a staircase that makes it up to 900 metres. I understand it’s not an unusual thing to try, nor is there any particular thing about this place. Despite all of it, climbing till the highest point is a pure thrill and when you have a chance at hand, why not try it out for once?

  • Relaxing in the spa

Tired of that regular hectic schedule? Indeed, a trip isn’t just about visiting a lot of places, but it also takes relaxing and getting a bit of pampering into consideration. If you want to relax without bothering about what’s going on in the rest of the world, then move to the spa in any town of Belgium.

Bottom line:

Well, these were just a few fun activities you may look for in Sailani’s Belgium tour and travel packages. There’s a lot more you can do! Since English works fine across the north and south of the country, language won’t be a big barrier to you anyway!

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