Koh Phi Phi Islands: An Entire Travel Guide

Koh Phi Phi Isle in Thailand was perhaps one of the most gorgeous islands we’ve ever gone to! Its gorgeous turquoise blue waters make you feel like you are within a aspiration. But like all areas, for it to become paradise, you should know how to proceed and some quick guidelines up your sleeve to create your trip unforgettable. Here are some what to retain at heart while traveling to Koh Phi Phi island tour.


If we first arrived to Koh Phi Phi, we were in information overload trying to learn all of the signs and discover about most tours individuals were approaching us with. You will find lots of 7 isle head to deals which includes snorkeling and going swimming etc Simply ignore those and reserve immediately using the fishing boat motorists. All are longing down with the water and will start contacting you over.

Walk right down to the ships and explain where you intend to appear (theyll possess a map and guidelines as well) and pick the timeframe for a price. Dont wait to barter!! Walk to another guy if normally the one you are speaking with has been persistent.

The fishing boat driver stopped all over the place we asked and also provided snorkel equipment for us. It had been such much! We’re in a position to spend as plenty of time as we preferred at each place! He also retained us current about plenty of time therefore we wouldnt critique or decide if you want to add more time. Superior to a rushed travel!

#2 Move SCUBA

The scuba at Koh Phi Phi is certainly among the better diving we’ve ever noticed! The soft corals and high presence make it a few of the most spectacular sights underwater! We noticed turtles, seahorses, lion sea food, and also sharks! They have significant amounts of choices for exploratory dives for first-time divers (like me!) and a lot of awesome wreck dives for more capable divers. Barakuda Dive Middle functions great with enthusiasts like us who wished to perform an exploratory along with a wreck dive. We dove the very first dive different and our boats fulfilled up for lunchtime and another dive! Which was the best component!

#3 Hike Up to the Viewpoint

Since Phi Phi is obviously a tiny isle, its an easy task to obtain a great view of the complete island from to the hill. There is a paved method leading completely as much as sunset view overlooking the isle. Its such an excellent perspective! A great many other people have exactly the same idea as well so make it work early if you need a great place when thinking about capturing! Its an excellent climb up therefore youll be feeling like you obtained your exercise and so are ready for supper!

#4 Get yourself a Homemade Snow Cream

Thailand established fact for their homemade hand chopped snow cream. In the event that you right here the *bang, bang, bang*, you realize you might be in the proper place. Much like frigid rock, the snow cream is usually poured onto a frosty rock like a liquid and scraped, cut and slathered together with your toppings until it resembles an glaciers cream ball. Its completely delightful therefore very much fun to view!

#5 View the Fire Dance during the night time

Phi Phi offers earned its status to be always a large party island. Once the sun falls, the party family members pets definitely come out! With ale and alcoholic beverages buckets on the market on every part, it can get yourself a little rowdy! The simplest way the bars provide the drinkers in, is usually by fire dance. All around the beach at night time you can view fire dancers performing a variety of crazy actions! Its really beautiful amazing to see in the event you arent drinkers like us. We’d fun taking pleasure in the display and laughing in the drunks who was simply likely likely to get dropped or something used.

#6 Dont HESITATE to Barter

There are therefore many visitors who arrive at Phi Phi and pay whatever cost theyre told. If you’re buying something in quantity like super fruits, dont hesitate to require a deal since you are buying many. Specifically with the longtail vessels, make sure to inquire what their finest offer is usually and haggle the right path into a a lot more affordable cost. Its not harming them, they label it method up anyways and without you, they wouldnt possess any business whatsoever