The Benefits Of Catering Buffets

Using a buffet service in your event allows you to tempt your guests by using a range of different meal options. It really is difficult to select only several dishes that can charm to any guest’s tastes, while an enormous couple of full stand service can be catered for entirely. Because of this, buffet catering typically ends up with less misuse and increased usage.Buffet is a self service system of kitchen in restaurant or parties. Buffet is an extremely popular system of food service in virtually any get together or restaurant. Buffet is also an important things of F&B. But many people as well as much f&b personnel doesn’t know very well what is buffet? In lots of traditional and reputed restaurants you will find the buffet style eating out.
Many restaurants serve their a large number of customers by buffet with a few staff therefore those restaurant get more gain using bare minimum leave of staff. The buffet system eating out is really very easy to handle.

However, now we should come back to the key point of Buffet.

Below are the latest Golden Corral prices. (DINE-IN MENU)




Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11 A.M.) $10.49/person


Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Beverage Not Included $10.29/person

Adult Dinner

Beverage Not Included

Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close) $14.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M. $14.99/person
Sunday after 11 A.M. $14.99/person


Includes Beverage

3 & Under (Free) $0.00/child
Ages 4-8 $6.99/child
Ages 9-12 $7.99/child


3 & Under (Free) $0.00/child
Ages 4-8 $7.99/child
Ages 9-12 $8.99/child



Saturday & Sunday (Open to 11 A.M.) – Ages 60 & Over. $9.99/person


Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Ages 60 & Over, Does Not Include Beverage $9.79/person

Senior Dinner

Beverage Not Included

Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close) $13.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M. $13.99//person
Sunday after 11 A.M. $13.99//person
Senior Early Bird Special (Mon. thru Fri. from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.) – Includes Beverage $8.99/person

To Go

Breakfast $6.99/pound
Lunch (Monday thru Friday) $6.49/pound
Dinner (Monday thru Friday & all day Saturday & Sunday) $8.49/pound

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from Golden Corral located at 2155 Riverside Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. They may not cover recent price changes. Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest prices and updates.

Below are the latest Golden Corral prices. (TAKEOUT MENU)


Popular Items

Bourbon Street Chicken Meal $8.90
Smoked Chicken Meal $8.89
Pot Roast $11.10
Fried Chicken Meal $9.06
Meatloaf $10.18


Cheese Pizza $6.06
Pepperoni Pizza $7.05
12″ Cheese Pizza $6.10
12″ Pepperoni Pizza $7.10

Signature Salads

Chicken Caesar $9.04
Cobb Salad $9.06
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.96
Garden Salad $8.99
Spinach Salad $9.02
Salad Topper – Bacon $0.99
Salad Topper – Chicken $0.99
Salad Topper – Ham $0.99

Individual Meals

Generous portions of your Golden Corral Favorites. All entrees come with your choice of two sides and a yeast roll. Dinner Salads come with a yeast roll.
5 oz. Sirloin Steak $9.97

Signature Salad

Bacon Salad Topper $0.99
Chicken Salad Topper $0.99
Ham Salad Topper $0.99


Mashed Potatoes $22.74
Seafood Salad $34.63
Carved Ham $7.81
Red Bliss Potatoes $19.02

Kids Meals

Chicken Tenders $5.10


House Salad $12.90
Tuna Salad $30.25

Family Meals

Sirloin Steak $10.03
Fried Chicken $10.22
Smoked Pulled Pork $10.05
Bourbon Street Chicken $9.12
Baked Fish $9.00
Boneless Wings $13.99
Half and Half Wings $13.99
Pulled Pork $10.13
Traditional Wings $13.99
Fried Fish $9.04
Baked Chicken $8.92
Smoked Chicken $9.08

Large Party

Baked Beans – Pan $18.34
Baked Ham – Priced By the lb $7.79
Fried Chicken – By the Piece $17.42
Fried Chicken – priced by the Piece $16.96
Baked Ham – priced by the pound $7.80
Baked Potatoes with Toppings – Each $2.03
Black Eyed Peas – Pan $18.22
Bourbon Street Chicken – Pan $33.37
Buttered Corn – Pan $15.57
Cabbage – Pan $15.22
Pot Roast – Pan $37.08
Smoked Pulled Pork – Priced By the lb $9.92
Cabbage $15.43
Carrots – Pan $15.55
Gravy $4.06
Green Beans – Pan $15.58
Mac & Cheese – Pan $25.30
Mashed Potatoes – Pan $25.13
Pinto Beans – Pan $18.15
Pot Roast – 2 Roasts $38.97
Red Bliss Potatoes – Pan $18.34
Smoked Pulled Pork – priced by the pound $10.25
Smoked/Rotisserie Chicken $11.34
Steamed Broccoli – Pan $15.56
Sweet Potato Casserole – Pan $25.06

Salads – Large Party Pick Up

House Salad – Pan $19.11
Potato Salad – Pan $20.24
Seafood Salad – Pan $35.41
Tuna Salad – Pan $30.39

Famous Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken by the Piece $1.71
Eight Pieces Whole Bird Box $14.23
6 Piece Fun Box $10.05
8 Piece Whole Bird Box $14.05
12 Piece Family Box $19.02
20 Piece Crowd Pleaser $28.21
Six Pieces Fun Box Fried Chicken $10.00
Twelve Pieces Family Box Fried Chicken $19.34

Large Party Platters

Sides $2.03
Smoked Chicken Platter $23.54
Meatloaf Platter $21.66
Baked Ham Platter $7.74
BBQ Pulled Pork Platter $9.89
Bourbon Street Chicken Platter $33.37
Party Black Eyed Peas $18.18
Party Pinto Beans $18.16
Party Red Bliss Potaotes $18.16
Tuna Salad Platter $29.99
Pot Roast Platter $38.16
House Salad Platter $19.15
Potato Salad Platter $20.07
Seafood Salad Platter $35.15
Party Baked Potatoes $1.99
Party Buttered Corn $15.34
Party Gravy $4.01
Party Green Beans $15.33
Party Macaroni & Cheese $25.07
Party Mashed Potatoes $24.97
Party Steamed Broccoli $15.33
Party Steamed Cabbage $15.34
Party Steamed Carrots $15.34
Party Yeast Rolls $3.14

Hot Sides

Baked Potato $2.31
Yeast Rolls $2.83

Large Party Platter

Baked Ham $7.73
BBQ Pulled Pork by Pound $9.46


Gold Peak Iced Tea $3.27
Gold Peak Sweet Tea $3.91
Minute Maid Lemonade $4.70
Bottled Water $2.17
Barq’s Root Beer $2.94
Gold Peak® Unsweet Tea $4.09
Cola Cola $2.94
Diet Coke $2.90
Dr. Pepper $2.94
Fanta Orange $2.89
32 Oz Drink $2.99
Coca Cola $2.77
Sprite $2.90
Single Serve $2.86
Dr Pepper $2.77
Gold Peak Iced Tea 32 Ounce $2.80
Gold Peak Sweet Tea 32 Ounce $2.80
Minute Maid Lemonade 32 Ounce $2.81


Green Beans $4.38
Baked Beans $4.34
Cold Sides $4.24
Hot Sides $2.82
Buttered Corn $4.31
Macaroni & Cheese $4.53
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $4.28
Steamed Broccoli $4.42
Salads $3.57
Steamed Cabbage $6.41
Coleslaw $4.29
Steamed Carrots $4.36
Potato salad $8.17
Sweet Potato Casserole $6.15
White Rice $4.25


Offered by the slice, half (serves 4-6) or whole cake/pie (serves 6-10).
Cheese Cake $1.63
Cheesecake $2.28
Carrot Cake $2.37
Chocolate Cake $2.34
Apple Pie $1.80
Blueberry Pie $1.56
Cherry Pie $1.51
Cookies $2.95
Chocolate Chess Pie $2.21
Cheescake $1.63
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.01
Carrot Cake Cheesecake $1.99
Pumpkin Pie $2.77

A specialist catering service will begin to have the capacity to direct you to create a synchronicity of flavors in the most effective way. If you want to appeal to any personal desire, you do not need your buffet. Choosing a specific subject to begin with would possibly be the simplest way to do this balance.

If you are having the official occasion, you may well be the focus of your buffet as a French spread: you might finish up with some rich, refined desserts. If you are catering for a relaxed, social crowd, you may select a Greek, Italian, or Mexican menu theme. To be able to choose the most effective buffet topic for your feature, speak to your caterer.

Most of the places employed will provide you with an event planner service that will help you with entertainment, accessories, renting of equipment, floral plans, photography, and invitation design. You won’t have anything kept to order in the middle of your event scheduler and your caterer.

In case you are catering with limited funds, a buffet could simply be the solution to your fiscal constraints. Furthermore to making certain your guests will not go home hungry, buying food in volume will decrease your catering costs. To choose the most successful way to serve your friends without overspending, address your finances constraints with your caterer. Bread baskets and dishes centered on pasta are less expensive than feeding 200 people who have caviar and simple ways to fill up your stay.

A buffet setup is exclusive for the satisfaction of all of your guests. Your friends would have used a whole lot of food with the opportunity to really return back for seconds, and a whole lot of menu options. However, if you are catering for various diet restrictions, you ought to have recipes that will satisfy other guests when catering for dietary conditions. Certainly, your caterer could have the capability to immediate you on what types of dishes your friends require.

Give a guest list and give them a concept of the amount of food they’ll have to provide the caterer for the occasion. A seasoned caterer would possibly have the capacity to predict the amount of food your guests would take in without heading overboard. Inquire further about the famous food they have got.

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